A Poem By Gregory "Yung Flex" Habercam

from by Tha Raw



Punk ass bitches aint nuthin
> Greg points out that there are people out there that are not worth an individual's time, referring to them as 'punk ass bitches'. At the same time, he also concludes that they are of no worth to society or life in general.

I bust caps sip lean while i'm nuttin
> Greg details his chaotic and time-consuming life by the simplistic activities he goes through day by day. Such activities go as far as firing guns, drinking mixtures of drinks full of narcotic substances, and masturbating.

Put my dick in a horses nose
Cuz i can
> This line deeply explains that, even though Greg is so busy in his life of guns and drugs, he still finds time to have sexual intercourse in obscure ways with horses. The second line details that, if ever questioned as to why he commits these actions, it is because he has the ability and desire to and rather satisfy his desires rather than fit in the social norm of not having sex with horses.

The horse fucking likes it
> In this line, Greg goes into detail to show that by sticking his male organ into the horse's nostrils, the horse is also gaining enjoyment and having its own form of satisfaction. It is possible that Greg is able to relate more with horses than humans themselves as, by experience, horses enjoy the same hobbies that he does.
>>The line could also be a form of justification to having sexual intercourse with horses.

Get in the van
> The final lines is more of an exposition rather than an ending. It explains that even through the simple detailing of life, there are still more things to be done than what has been listed. Either speaking to the reader, the horse, or both, he is inviting others to join in his adventures of fulfilling individual human desires. The curse at the end, "bitch", is a show of superiority that Greg is the leader of the debauchery, and that those who follow should know this.
>> The lines could also be a reference to the infamous 4chan notion of "Party Van".


from Tha Light Bearer EP, released April 14, 2017
Poem analysis by Nikolas Storen Fogey



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